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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement # 808636

Our promise : A Proven Return On Investment


  In hospitals, retail centers, office buildings and on the factory floor, real-time tracking of key assets and people dramatically improves security, quality and financial returns.  

This is a giant leap to extend the  GPS experience Indoors, and finally create  smart buildings. Of course, there is a reason why real-estate owners have waited until now : The Indoor world is exceedingly diverse and no single technology ever permitted a smooth and secure transition to RTLS (Real Time Location System).

  Devellyn solves this difficulty once and for all. With world-class partners, we have focused on understanding the most challenging expectations of each industry and designed the solutions that will maximize their return on investment. 

 In each situation, we will deliver the right set of technologies and let you use our dedicated apps. Devellyn is the first company to offer a 100% guaranty on all large Indoor localization projects, in Europe and in the US.  

The Team


  The formation of Devellyn marks the culmination of almost 20 years of technical and commercial research in Indoor Mapping, RFID, BLE, UWB, Wi-Fi, UNB, Magnetism, Ultrasound, Computer Vision and Sensor Fusion. 

Olivier & Laurent, holding multiple masters in Computer Science, Geographical Information Systems and Business Administration (INSEAD) created simultaneously a research and development center near Paris, in France, and a sales office in New York.

To fuel our fast-growing start-up, we joined Incuballiance, the most famous French technology accelerator that shares with us a very experienced management team and strong ties with the huge scientific ecosystem of Paris-Saclay (60 000 students).

We have already started our Series A funding. This will boost our developments and our current partnerships with multiple research labs.

Careers in US & Europe


We are the first global Indoor Positioning company.

We create professional apps that help a wide range of customers get the most out of their buildings and enjoy a stressless and fulfilling life. 

In our French headquarters we are quickly building a  team of passionate data-scientists and software developers. To create our own positioning technologies, we also hire experts in signal processing, MEMS and hyper-frequency electronics.

In Europe and in the US, we wish to meet talented business developers from the health sector and from the retail industry.

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Incuballiance, 86 rue de Paris, Orsay, 91400, France

+33 6 07 02 17 66 / +1 (607) 795-6462